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How it all started

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Founded in November 2020, Coffalo is a small, locally owned coffee roaster based in West Des Moines, Iowa. 


All of our coffee is roasted using a fluid-bed roaster.  Instead of conductive heat transfer from a hot drum, our coffee is roasted using convective heat transfer from hot air.  The result is a more even roast and cleaner coffee free of hydrogen sulfide.      


We are passionate about providing the highest quality coffee and customer service and strive to exceed customer expectations with both.  We guarantee our coffee will always be fresh. 

Coffalo is an environmentally conscious organization committed to minimizing our environmental footprint.  Local deliveries in the Des Moines metro area are made on bicycle whenever possible.      

Runner-up best coffee in
des moines


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Bike Delivery

Hot Air Roasting

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ABC 5 News: We Are Iowa

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